24Hour Generator

PEF, CO.LAB and Girls Preparatory School are partnering together again to present the third annual 24Hour Generator: Girl Edition, an entrepreneurship event for 50 girls around the region, including North Georgia. This overnight lock-in will take place at GPS on Friday, March 10 until 5 p.m. on Saturday, March 11, 2016.

Throughout the 24 hours, local businesses will present a problem or issue that they present to the girls. The girls will then form teams of three-to-five participants from various schools to generate entrepreneurial solutions to those problems. The teams will present their solutions in a 3-minute pitch, and a panel of judges will choose which team solved their problem the best. The presentations will be open to the public, and winners will receive a cash prize.

MBD has invited industry professionals to address participants with encouragement and inspiration.

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“I really learned a lot through the Mad, Bad & Dangerous 24Hour Generator and had fun while doing it. I love technology and learning new things, but I hadn't previously learned about business. It was really cool to work on a team with people I hadn't met before and to come together to create something big.”

Story DeWeese, GPS Student

“The 24Hour Generator was a wonderful learning experience for me. It allowed me to meet and connect with like-minded girls and learn the process through which entrepreneurs/business people solve problems. The connection I made with my team mentors helped me to gain a job shadowing opportunity at my mentors' company.”

Larissa Lagria, East Hamilton Middle/High School